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Blueground is a real estate tech company that offers furnished apartments to vetted guests for stays of 30 days or longer. Blueground maintains a lot of channels throughout the world serving their apartment and keeps a safe track in their own system. Blueground has 3500+ Apartments in 13 cities & 3 continents around the world. So maintaining a huge set of logs for every day was kind of a challenging task and they chose to work with the remote team alongside their in-house staff. In 2018, Caparison Soft has started its first project with Blueground and it becomes a never-ending process for both of us.

Job Objective

As a Remote team, Key responsibility is to assist the team in the listing/advertising process of Blueground’s properties in online sales channels, for maximizing their utilization and occupancy across cities.

How we serve

Blueground’s requirement is quite sophisticated in terms of renting an apartment. We have appointed 7 Data Research specialists to this project. In general, we perform a lot of admin tasks to help Blueground in-house staff.

Upload the Blueground properties in the relevant listing sites/channels using the data from our internal database

– Re-price each and every apartment by comparing competitor’s prices every Tuesday and Friday.  

– Ensuring that all data is accurate 

– Update & maintain the content of the properties listings/advertisements to make sure that all the data are always up   to date

– Be responsible for uploading or updating listings to multiple cities every day

Channel we maintain to list and re-price on a regular basis

1) Craiglist

2) 2nd Address

3) Kopa

4) House Stay

5 ) Home Away

6) Dubizzle


8) Hurriyet


Client Comment

We got all the solutions in one platform and it Caparison Soft. Their team members are so dedicated and are available when we need them. You can outsource your project with a high-quality team like Caparison Soft


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